Experience & Passion

Built by Industry Experts
NoBrowser was invented by industry experts with decades of experience. We started as security engineers, architects, developers & have led global security teams at leading tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Qualcomm, Okta, and more.

We bring this experience to you and provide a quality product with simplicity in mind, easy to use without sacrificing security.

We've been on the front lines and experienced 1st hand the world's most complex cyber challenges globally. We live and breath the dangers online everyday. Beyond this expertise, we are passionate privacy advocates and believe privacy online is a right, not a choice - that's why we invented NoBrowser!

Simple & Easy
Our mission is to bring you an easy to use soliution that requires No installs, no VPN, no local setup or configurations, no kidding! NoBrowser is a SaaS service, meaning you connect to it thru your web browser, from any device – it’s simple! Shift the attack surface off of your network today with NoBrowser

Plans start as low as $9.99/mo. Check it out today!

Simple, Secure, & Cheap!

Access your data from any device securely! No more concerns. Access your content securely without worry of corporate proxy or monitoring.

  • Access your data from any device securely! 
  • Plans start at $9.99/mo
  • No installs or no configurations - Just Login & Go!
  • SaaS service, leaves no trace on your local device