We're on a Mission

We are passionate about security & privacy.
Tired of big brother monitoring, our mission is to bring you a secure, private and anonymous internet experience.

Leadership Team

Meet the NoBrowser Leadership Team. Wea are security industry experts with a combined 40 years of industry experience. We created NoBrowser to protect you online!

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Alex Zhou

CEO & Co-Founder
Security Ninja
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Danielle Wearne

CTO & Co-Founder
Passion & Vision
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Timothy Krueger

VP of Engineering

Meet Our Team

We are industry security professionals, builders and privacy advocates.

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Kate Metu

Director of
Software Engineering

Creative & Clear
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Daniel Wearne

DevOps Engineer

Automate all-the-things
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Tina Krueger


Gettin it done
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Alex Taylor

Director of

Outside the Box

Built by Industry Experts

Founded in San Francisco‚Äôs tech capital South of Market (SoMa) district. NoBrowser was created by security experts with decades of experience. We know what big brother monitoring is capable of and we use that knowledge to allow you to bypass monitoring.

  • Recognized security experts
  • International privacy advocates
  • Well respected in the industry

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Alex Zhou  (NoBrowser CEO & Co-Founder)

"We created NoBrowser because we were tired of corporate & ISP snooping.  The team at NoBrowser share my passion for privacy and we've listened to our customers to bring you an easy-to-use product!"

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