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NoBrowser application runs in your web browser.  Anonymyze you from corporate & big brother monitoring.
No installs, tools or VPN required!

Secure & Anonymous

Imagine what you can do if you could use the Internet freely, with out the fear of monitoring or exploited privacy. Imagine an internet where you can surf as you please, not to worry about ISP’s, employers, or other entities from eaves dropping and monitoring your activity. With NoBrowser, you can surf the internet in true privacy. No monitoring, no logging, no installs, no bullshit 

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Surf the Web Freely

Surf the internet anonymously without fear of monitoring

Dream Big

With NoBrowser, you can stream videos, music, freely surf social media or do your banking in privacy online, from any PC in the world. Access sensitive websites, banking, medical portals, etc. safely. No information is stored on your local PC, meaning you can use NoBrowser from any PC, public or private, even the shitty PC’s at the public library, and not fear cookies or sensitive data has been left behind.

Hackers cannot access your internet traffic, hack your session or hack your social media account when using NoBrowser, because you connect thru our portal, not directly from the local PC.