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Live, Interactive, & Isolated Clean Room Pre-Configured with Tools to Test Phishing Links  & Conduct Malware Analysis.

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You Can't Stop Users from Clicking

However, You can arm them with the tools to make good decisions.

According to Verizon's Latest Data Breach Investigation Report, "The human element continues to drive breaches". Users continue to click phishing links. It's time to pivot our energy and budgets to better solve this problem. Waving a stick & forcing users to watch boring user-awareness videos is not helping, as proven year after year!

NoBrowser's Phishing Sandbox allows you to safely test live phishing links in an ephemeral, temporary environment without the fear of infecting your computer.

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Key Features

Our Phishing Sandbox is Not...

NoBrowser's Phishing Sandbox is a Live Testing Environment - an Ephemeral Clean Room. Not a training class, downloadable image, or simulator. It is a live interactive session running on real servers, that you access from yourweb browser! Simply log into, Launch, & Go.
Interact in real-time for user testing, reverse engineering, analysis, etc.

Not...Education or Training

Security organizations have tried this for years but it's not working. More users are
phished year-over-year.

Not...A Simulator

Our Phishing Sandbox are Live, Dedicated Linux & Windows instances dedicated for you, accessible thru your web browser.

No... Screen Shots

You don't need to be an IT expert. Our Phishing Sandbox is live, online, & immediately available. No downloads, installs or configurations.

No Installs, Just Click & Go

NoBrowser is html5 based and runs in your web browser. You simply login, deploy a ready-to-test image (Windows or Linux), and test your live phishing links. When you are done, simply log off and NoBrowser will forensically destroy the image. The next time you log in, you have a clean system ready to Go!

Use the live Phishing Sandbox for malware analysis, phishing link testing & reverse engineering, analysis, etc.

NoBrowser runs on our secure platform. Test live phishing links without the fear of infecting your local computer.

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