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Security in the Cloud

NoBrowser is not another web browser, it is a fundamental shift to the way we operate securely online. With continual zero days and malware advancements impacting every browser, we as an industry, need a better ‘approach’ to solving this problem, not ‘another’ product.  

Shift the attack surface off of your network with NoBrowser’s Secure Browsers-in-the-Cloud. Immediately available, and always updated to the latest version. We take care of the heavy lifing so your users only need to sign in and go!

 Orgs of all size face cyberattacks, that’s why we built NoBrowser to protect individuals & enterprises globally. Stream your favorite web browsers, games and run entire PC’s with all of your applications, securely from the cloud. Used for remote access, privacy, gaming, phishing testing, investigations, and infinite additional use cases.

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Distributed Workforce, Secured.

Secure Remote Access Solutions
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Security in the Cloud

NoBrowser is built with a Zero Trust architecture. Security is our top priority and we bring to you a secure live session in the cloud where you can securely stream videos, music, freely surf social media or do your banking in privacy online, from any PC in the world. Access sensitive websites, banking, medical portals, etc. safely. No information is stored on your local PC, meaning you can use NoBrowser from any PC, public or private, even the shitty PC’s at the public library, and not fear cookies or sensitive data has been left behind.

Hackers cannot access your internet traffic, hack your session or hack your social media account when using NoBrowser, because you connect thru our portal, not directly from the local PC.

NoBrowser has endless use cases. You have the option for persistent or ephemeral sessions. Use ephemeral sessions for Malware Detonation Sandbox in the cloud.

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    Security is our top priority.
    We use industry advanced login mechanisms.

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    NoBrowser provisions dedicated browsers running on dedicated servers.  No sharing of resources, for maximum security & privacy!

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