Features & Pricing

Solutions for Individuals & Enterprises.
Our cost structure is transparent
No Access Fees, Activation or Hidden Fees, No Kidding!

NoBrowser Plans Free Tier $0.00/mo
Choose Plan
Personal $9.99/mo
Choose Plan
Phishing $19.99/mo
Choose Plan
ProPlan $19.99/mo
Choose Plan
Platform Linux Linux Windows Windows
Session Persistence
Instant Access 24/7
Live & Real-Time Interactive
Encrypted End-to-End
WebCam Enabled
Audio, Sound, & Microphone!
Multi-Monitor Mode
High Quality Video
File Upload/Download
Secure File Storage
Application Settings Persistence
Game Pack with High Powered GPU's
Pre-Installed Games (Roblox, League, etc.)
Maximum Session Duration 10 minutes 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours
Idle Disconnect Timeout 5 min 15 min 30 min 60 min
Pre-Install Software Free Tier Personal Phishing ProPlan
Platform Linux Linux Windows Windows
Web Browsers: Chrome
Tor Browser
Tor Browser
Brave Browser
Tor Browser
File Storage : Home Directory Home Directory Home Directory
Productivity Apps: LibreOffice
Proton VPN
Proton VPN
Gaming Apps: Roblox
Playstation App
Epic Games, Fortnite
Cybersecurity Tools: Analysis Tools:
Dependency Walker
Volatility Workbench
Process Explorer
Burp Suite
Security Features: Free Tier Personal Phishing ProPlan
Encrypted End-to-End
Two-Factor Authentication
No Local Footprint  
No Logging, No Leaks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime - no questions asked! Although not required, we would love your feedback so we can continue to improve our platform.

How does NoBrowser's pricing work?

Our cost structure is based on a monthly recurring subscription plan. We have multiple plans to choose from and you can change or cancel at any time. Billing is prorated. We use Stripe for credit card processing.

What does 'Instant Access 24/7' mean?

We are ready when you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our platform is live, online, & instantly accessible. All you need to do is log into your account and jump into your own private session.

How secure?  What does 'NoLogging' mean?

NoBrowser brings you Full Anonymity! Behind the scenes, your browser runs on a private dedicated server just for you. It is cryptographically wiped when you’re done, leaving no logs, no trace, no kidding!

What does 'Encrypted end-to-end' mean?

NoBrowser is fully encrypted end-to-end. This includes the backend servers, to our website, all the way to your desktop. Even the video bits streamed to your desktop are encrypted.

What is your refund policy?

We are customer obsessed and we want our customers to love our product.  If you are not happy with our product, wish to stop service, and get a refund, then please contact us.

What does 'Real-time Responsiveness' mean?

Surprisingly enough, our platform brings you live, real-time video streaming straight to your desktop. No delay, mouse drag, etc. like our competitors.

Can I use Audio, Video, & my WebCam in NoBrowser?

Yes! High quality audio and video are streamed straight to your web browser in real-time. Peripherals, like local printing & WebCam access work with great quality. So, whether you enjoy listening to music, stream videos, or watching p*rn, we bring sound right to your desktop!

What is 'Idle Timeout'?

To increase your security and ensure hackers or eaves droppers don't use your session after you're gone, we automatically disconnect and close down your NoBrowser session after a period of idle time. When you 'end session', your NoBrowser is cryptographically wiped.

Do I Need to Install or Configure Anything?

NoBrowser is a SaaS service that runs in your web browser. It does not require installation on your local computer or mobile device. You access NoBrowser over the internet. When using NoBrowser's Secure Browser, you are connecting to a secure, dedicated machine running in the cloud.

Want to Know More?

Check out our F.A.Q. and ‘101 Reasons’ page which detail use-cases how NoBrowser keeps you secure online. See our HELP page for more details.