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We are privacy advocates.  We built NoBrowser as an easy-to-use application that allows you to surf the internet anoymously & securely. With NoBrowser, you can stream high quality video and audio directly to your web browser.  We remove the complexity, there are no installs, no VPN, not hassle! NoBrowser runs from our website, simply log in and Go!  Behind the scenes, NoBrowser allocates dedicated servers for you.  When you are done, those servers are wiped. 

Surf the web freely, from anywhere, anytime, without restrictions!

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Live Sessions

Live interactive sessions.  Real browsers streamed straight to your web browser.

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Secure & Anonymous

Finally surf the web anonymously! Your data is encrypted from end-to-end and never logged or monitored!

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Simple to Use

Works from any web browser!

No installs. Just sign-in and go!

Simple to Use

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Frequently asked question

VPN requires you to install a client on your computer.  NoBrowser runs direclty from your favorite web browser; Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.  Furthermore, VPN's can lead DNS information to your internet provider (ISP or your work).  When you connect to NoBrowser, there are no local DNS queries, meaning big borther can't see what websites you went to.

Your connection is encrypted end-to-end when using NoBrowser.  Everything is encrypted, even down to the pixels streaming to your laptop's web browser.  We use the latest encryption technology both in transit, at rest, and during live sessions.
Using NoBrowser is easy!  You simply go to, login, and launch a secure session.  It's that simple!  There are no installs or configurations.  The only prerequisites is a comptuer, web browser, and internet connection.
No, your privacy is our #1 concern.  Each time you disconnect from your NoBrowser session, the server dedicated to you is torn down and destroyed.  Leaving no footprint that nosey ISPs or employers can access.
Have More Questions? Visit our 'FAQ' page