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Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

Shift the attack surface off of your network and stream your favorite web browsers, games, and run entire PC’s with all your applications, securely from the cloud! NoBrowser is a secure live portal where you can access the internet securely without the fear of invasive network monitoring. Stream NoBrowser from any device while maintaining high quality video and sound straight thru your favorite web browser.

  • Search Any Website Securely from Any Device, without Restriction
  • Live Interactive Sessions, Immediately Available
  • Simple, Secure, Cheap

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Michelle Western, CTO & Co-Founder

"I love the product we have built! I love the ease of use, I love the fact that it is fully secure. The website is really nice and simple to use. I can't wait to see what we'll developer next! Guess you'll have to wait and see!"

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It all starts with our customers

We work backwords from the customer.  Your feedback has directly contributed to the NoBrowser product.

We are Customer Obsessed! We know what big brother does and we don't agree with it, so we built NoBrowser to keep you secure and protect your anoymity online!

  • Build from customer feedback & industry gaps
  • We work backwards from the customer
  • We exist to solve our customer's problems

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Timothy Krueger, Head of Engineering

"I am impressed at how customer obsessed NoBrowser's fouders are. This mentality is engrained in our culture.  We really are customer obsessed.  Before writing a line of code, we first reflect the customer's position, review their feedback, and put ourselves in their shoes to ensure we are building with them (not oursives) in mind!"

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Built by Industry Experts

NoBrowser was developed by industry security experts with decades of industry experience working for the most prestigious tech companies; Amazon, Google, Okta, Qualcomm, Rackspace, Symantex, etc.

We know how Big Brother, Corp, & ISPs monitor your activity online.  We take privacy seriously, so we used our knowledge to build a tool to keep you safe & secure online!

  • Built by engineers with decades of security industry experience.
  • We're always looking for strategies to make your brand's needs fit with today's development languages.

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Alex Zhou, CEO & Co-Founder

"The entire team are passionate about security & privacy.  We used to work for big brother and managed the network spy tools.  We know what they are capable of, because we did it.  We've used this knowledge to build NoBrowser to bypass corporate snooping!"

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Secure Browsers in the Cloud

Security Simplified! Access to your data is secured, private, & never logged or monitored!

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Interactive Sessions

Live interactive sessions. Streamed straight to your web browser!

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Simple to Use

Works from any computer! No installs, or configurations. Literally just sign-in and Go!

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